Work & Live! is an undertaking to stem the disillusionment in our young professionals today who go through a very stressful and chaotic work environment, which does not provide coping mechanisms. On this website, we will supply you with information on how to deal with various workplace and career issues and empower you to live your best life now!

Our online community and regular networking events will give you the opportunity to meet other professionals who are on the same path as you and get you firmly on the road to success.
Work & Live! aims to influence all young professionals by word & deed to be SPECIAL people. To:

  • Stand out by distinguishing themselves in their work,
  • Passionate about what they do,
  • Ethical in their work (Honest, Integrity),
  • Consistent,
  • Influencers in their work places (not waiting to be influenced),
  • Authentic -At home with who they are &
  • Look out for others (colleagues, clients, family) …

We do not promise miracles and wonders. No. Your situation may not change, but we believe that a change in your individual perspective can deliver your personal success.

Changing your perspective changes your experience.

How much better it would be if you could enjoy work and life at the same time! You’d be happier, healthier, more creative – indeed you would feel free to conquer the world!

Is this really possible? Yes it is!
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