HARPie HR LTD is a Recruitment and Career Training firm. Our vision is to empower young professionals to work and live successfully through our career training and networking platform Work & Live!
Through our blog, social media pages, online community and events, Work & Live! supports young professionals who are just beginning their working lives or have progressed their working experience to management roles.

Why Work & Live! ?

Our African economies are becoming increasingly capitalistic due to the push for development and better livelihoods. This has led to the creation of more small businesses that employ a few employees as opposed to large corporate organizations that push the mass market agenda. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are responsible for a bigger share of our economies with Kenya’s MSMEs composing over 88% of its commercial sector.
Small businesses (MSMEs) employ 1 – 250 employees. Due to their size, these small businesses present the agility and flexibility required to quickly reach and capture their markets. On the other hand, their small size prohibits their financial ability to adequately pay, train and manage the welfare of their staff. This results in countless dissatisfied staff who are disengaged at work or who opt to leave. MSMEs therefore suffer unparalleled low levels of productivity and high turnover.

Work & Live! is designed as a response to the MSMEs staff woes. We believe that when staff are hired based on best fit, paid well, trained and treated right, small businesses will realize huge benefits: increased revenues, repeat customers and happy shareholders.

Are you an employee? Engage with Work & Live! to grow your knowledge of the workings (the in and outs) of organizations, learn what makes your company tick and what determines your success in your role. Nurture your soft skills in team work, interpersonal and corporate communication, presentation and others. Mature your accountability, leadership, supervision, decision making and other capabilities. Network with other employees in your career line, industry or business. You better believe that you can actually be happy at work and at home after work!

Are you an employer? Your staff are a big part of your continued success. Let’s have a conversation about how to solve your specific staff woes and create a lasting solution that is unique to your company. Get in touch with us!
We would also love to speak to your staff on career matters. Get on this train while it’s still FREE-of-Charge!

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