Mystery Shopper!

Recently, I took up an assignment with a popular hotel in Machakos. The management basically hired me to find points of dissatisfaction with their customer service while undercover. Which meant that their staff were supposed to think I was your regular paying overnight hotel guest.

I went to great lengths to check out their sales process, ratings on online platforms, customer service, facilities and even competitors! All incognito.

On the surface, it seemed there would be nothing much to report, but on a closer look, there was plenty to fix to shore up the customer experience. My team’s findings were not only incorporated into a report but were relayed to all the HODs in a very successful training.

You may be wondering, if operations are relatively okay, why go to all the trouble of mystery shopping?

First of all, just like the management of this hotel, you should never take anything for granted. Aim to be the best in your market.

Secondly, an extra eye is always better than one. We all have blind spots to our true selves and yet if asked we think we are God’s gift to this world. Wisdom dictates otherwise.

Thirdly, a knife that is hardly sharpened grows dull. This exercise, when frequently done keeps everybody on toes, doing an excellent work.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

Take the trouble of really looking at your organization today:
♡ What do you do best?
♡ What are your strongest points?
♡ What can you do better?
♡ What are your competitors doing that is giving them an edge over you?
♡ Are there any upcoming issues that are likely to disrupt your market?

A good example is Air B&B, an online business that has totally disrupted regular hotel business by offering cheap rooms in homes and guest houses in numerous locations, taking away much of established hotel business.

Do not let your organization be caught unaware. You have invested too much in your business to lose it all. Stay on top of your game!

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